I Have Moved Blog Spaces!

I Have Moved Blog Spaces!

Hello there, Fatshion Hustlers!

So, I have some exciting news. I have recently set myself up on the internet in a (*gasp*) PROFESSIONAL capacity.

Maybe this is what being an adult feels like?

As some of you may know, I switched visas about seven months ago, and the restrictions on my new visa state that I am not allowed to work for another company. Any work that I do must be done through a company that I own.

And so, I have (sort of) set up that company. Allow me to introduce you all to Gillian Brown – Freelance Writer.

It is all still very very very new. The website here doesn’t even have a logo or top banner yet. But if you head over to the attached blog, you will find lots and lots of new posts to read.

I am currently working towards posting every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. This might change, depending on how busy I become in the next couple of months. But for now there is plenty there to look at, and at least some of it will hopefully be interesting and/or entertaining.

Until then, all my love, Fatshion Hustlers. ❤



My Cats: An Introduction

My Cats: An Introduction

The world has been a seemingly inescapable cesspool of doom and gloom this past… when was the inauguration?… couple of weeks? And I don’t know about the rest of you, but this state of the world has been reflected in my mood with an eerily acute level of accuracy.

So I thought I’d lighten the mood with a post about the internet’s favourite topic for upset and anxious people the world over; cats. More specifically, my own.

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My Acute Illness Story, Part 3

My Acute Illness Story, Part 3

CW: illness, pain, hospitals, health uncertainty, cancer discussions, images of hospital rooms and equipment, and a fair amount of panic and crying on my part. As far as being unwell, not knowing why you are unwell, worrying that you are really unwell, and going through major medical stuff is concerned, this post has some pretty heavy paragraphs. Everything turned out well in the end, but please do take heed of these warnings before reading.

What ho, Fatshion Hustlers!

And here we are, at the climax of My Acute Illness Story. Finally you will find out what it was that caused my pain and misery, as well as what was done to fix it. Are you ready for me to finally uncover the answers in this dramatic tale? If so, read on.

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My Acute Illness Story, Part 1

My Acute Illness Story, Part 1

CW: illness, pain, hospitals, health uncertainty.

As I hinted during my last post, I had been missing in action for a couple of weeks after Christmas. There was a pretty good reason for that. I was ill.

I am now fine. Resting up very well in fact, at my parent’s house in the Cotswolds, where I expect to be living for some time. But for a couple of weeks there, I was very unwell indeed. More specifically, I was in a very large amount of pain. It’s an exciting tale of discomfort, trouble sleeping, A&E visits, misdiagnoses, hospital admittance, scans, surgery, and recovery, with lots of twists and turns. So, I figure, what better way to tell it than through a series of well-written and hilarious blog posts? Read on and be amazed.

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Ten Foods & Drinks That I Firmly Believe Make up Part of My Soul

Ten Foods & Drinks That I Firmly Believe Make up Part of My Soul

Hi everyone!

Apologies for it having been a few weeks since I last wrote on here. For reasons that I am not quite ready to disclose yet (it will be written up in one or several Most Epic Future Blog Post/s), I have been unable to do any writing. But those reasons now appear to be a thing of the past, and I am back and ready to entertain you all with my words.

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I Quit Sugar, Days 39-56: It kind of petered out towards the end.

I Quit Sugar, Days 39-56: It kind of petered out towards the end.


In hindsight, giving up sugar for a period of time during which I knew some Important Things were probably going to happen, was probably not the greatest idea I’ve ever had.

In saying that, though, I was in the 7th and 8th weeks of this eight-week journey when the Important Things happened, so in a way, I felt like I had already succeeded doing what I wanted to do when I started this, which was to kick my sugar addiction to the curb.

Also, no pre-Christmas baking can ever occur without the baker sampling the fruits of their labor, many times over. I’m sure that is written in at least one of history’s great cookbooks. And if it isn’t, it should be.

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