I’m not much of a New Year’s Resolutions kind of girl. I read a post on This Is Thin Privilege (fellow fatties/people interested in fat discrimination, check this baby out, because it is awesome and so cathartic, and the mods are awesome) about a woman who’s going to be going back to uni and getting her life back on track, and some dickhead she knows actually said “that’s boring; what about weight loss resolutions”.

The only resolution worth making, really.
The only resolution worth making, really.

YEAH, because hearing the 50th person on New Years Eve talking about how they’re going to drop 5 kilos isn’t boring AT ALL. Other things this kind of crap totally isn’t: Repetitive, Stupid, and A Waste of My Fucking Time.

Sorry. I’ve been spending way too much time with The Mother lately. The point is, ever since I made the apparently insane decision to not let my weight completely control my life, I have not really felt the need to make New Year’s Resolutions (or rather, the one New Year’s Resolution us fatties are supposed to always make). But I thought it might be nice to come up with some fun ones that are well within the realms of possibility, given how my situation has changed/will be changing lately.

So, here we go:

1. Become completely financially independent from The Parents (finally!).
2. Move out of The Parents’ Home, and move in with Rainbow Dash (a friend – I need to start establishing blog nicknames for my friends on here).
3. Buy at least two new pairs of Doc Martens.
4. Make a quilt out of my geek shirts.
5. Update my wardrobe, since I’ll be out of geek shirts.
6. Get more into my Japanese cooking (tempura, takoyaki and okonomiyaki are on the top of my list).
7. Look into dance classes (a particularly scary one for this fatty, but I’ve got to try)
8. Do both Armpits4August and Movember
9. Do at least one show
10. Make some seriously bad-ass clothes/costumes

So, do you guys have any fun resolutions to share?

2 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions (dw, these ones are fun!)

  1. These are some really awesome, positive resolutions 😀 It’s always at this time of year that you get these fad ‘detox’ diets in which you consume nothing but smoothies (or maple syrup by the gallon). It sounds not only super boring, but dangerous. Although I did take issue with some of what was on ‘This Is Thin Privilege’, which seemed to be saying that only fat people experience ‘true’ oppression (but I won’t go into a rant here…). I’ve actually started a blog for my resolution: to do at least one amazing thing for at least person per day (and document the efforts throughout the year). Since starting it I’ve realised how appalling my writing skills actually are outside academia 😉

    1. Yeah, it is dangerous. It appalls me just how fucked up society is when you look at the sort of stuff that is seen as perfectly normal for a person to do in a bid to lose weight.
      Hmm, that is an interesting insight on This is Thin Privilege. The stance that the mods take is that fat people are a minority group and as such we experience bigotry, similarly to other minority groups. I do not doubt that unfair judgements are made on thin people (indeed I have been told as much, but I cannot say for certain, having never been a thin person), but the difference is that ‘thin’ is the normal standard in our society and as such thin people experience many freedoms that fat people do not, while fat people are offered exactly no similar societal advantages. It’s kind of like saying that unfair judgements are placed on white people, or men, or straight people. That is undoubtedly true, but your freedom as a person is comparatively uninhibited compared to the opposing minority groups. That might be what a lot of the posters mean when they imply that only fat people experience true oppression.
      On a lighter note, your resolution sounds amazing! I shall be keeping a close eye on your progress!

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