To My Lovely Readers: A Question

Chums, Chumettes, and others of assorted Chumliness, I am afraid this will not be a long post. There are a couple I am thinking about, and I will write them. But not tonight. Tonight, I am zonked from a looooong work day and feeling feelings toward my bed right now that can only be described as lustful.

But anyway. 

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Why “Let It Go” is such a powerful song

Why “Let It Go” is such a powerful song

I watched Frozen this morning. I absolutely loved it. It was visually stunning, funny, heartfelt, and I really liked how the “true love” cure-all was… ahh, I’d better not spoil. At least not before the convenient “read more” cut.

But it’s a particular moment from the movie I want to talk about today.

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