What up, Fatshion Hustlings readers?

I feel like I should come up with a fun nickname for you guys. Fellow Hustlers? Hustlers-in-Training? Partial-Worshippers-of-Surpreme-Overlord-of-Greatness,-Yours-Truly?

I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos about narcissism lately.

Anyway, since it’s been a few days I figure I should probably back-track a bit. Day 14 was surprisingly good, craving-wise. I say ‘surprisingly’ because it was a weekend day, and a fairly non-busy one at that. When I cast my mind back to my Dark Days of Dieting Past, one thing I remember is that weekends were generally harder than weekdays, because there was less going on by which my persistent hunger pangs could be distracted. With this, though, it seems to be the same all around, perhaps with it having been easier this past week or so as I’ve gotten more used to it.

Day 15 (a Monday) had its difficult moments, mainly because I hadn’t gone grocery shopping the day before. I try to do a weekly shop every… well, I’ll let you take a wild guess as to how often I try to do them. I find it’s the most cost-effective way to go about things, and since I spent half of last month on holiday, this month has seen me leaning rather more heavily towards being cost-effective than usual. But because I had done no such shop the day before, my stomach was seeing fit to register its complaints, which were numerous and persistent. A quick visit to the local McDonalds (yeah, I can still eat Macca’s. Winning!) or Sainsbury’s later, and my stomach quietened down…albeit to the detriment of my wallet.

I will say that I was able to do a productive and inexpensive shop in the evening, so with tender care and a good enough doctor, my wallet may well recover before the week is out.

Today I woke up after, maybe 5 1/2 hours’ sleep. This is after less than 5 hours’ sleep the night before, and me with an immune system that’s working particularly hard to rid my body of this blasted, phlegm-producing virus that’s been bothering me this past week or so.

Let’s just say I did not get out of bed particularly willingly.

I almost fell asleep on the way to work, and again several times this morning. I managed to stay awake properly after lunch (a serving homemade chicken and sausage jambalaya; delicious despite the rice being slightly underdone), but the general weariness took no breaks. Even now as I sit here writing I have one eye on my stomach, which I am going to fill with a delicious cream cheese bagel in a moment, and one eye on my bed, which is beckoning me over to it with an allure so intense that I imagine even Kit Harington would struggle to emulate it on an off-day.

I mention this tiredness for a reason. I’m no stranger to during-the-day tiredness. Before starting IQS me nodding off at around 11am, and again at around 4pm, were reasonably regular occurrences. When I started IQS those slumps seemed to go away entirely, which was probably the best immediate effect I noticed with this thing. And yet there they were again today.

But here’s the thing: these slumps felt different. Before the slumps were more sudden, I think. It was also like there was an extra layer about them, like I was tired, but there was something unnatural behind the tiredness (that unnatural thing being, of course, the sugar waves). These slumps were longer and calmer, and the tiredness felt more like a true absence of energy. It felt like my body was saying to me ‘no, seriously, you are actually tired right now; this isn’t the sugar in here playing tricks on you’. It suggests that my body’s signals are starting to recalibrate themselves.

I might just be imagining this all, of course. But if I’m not, that is very exciting.

Right. I’m off now to have that bagel.



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