What up, internet?

Apologies to those of you who have been checking WordPress every day, wondering when, oh when, I would next update. It’s been a whirlwind few days. I’ve been doing insane stuff like reading Sci Fi books, taking notes at meetings, roleplaying, going to work…

…ok, so maybe it was a touch more exciting at the time than it is in retrospect.

But that’s not why you’re reading, is it? No, you want to hear all about the moments of horrible, sugar-deprived torture to which I have subjected myself. With any luck, this entry will not disappoint. Because yeah, the cravings for the sweet stuff have definitely been present. I feel as though I’m not so much gradually getting over the cravings as I am getting used to being in a constant state of dissatisfaction and aching want.

There’s a joke about EL James’ less-than-satisfactory sex life in there that it is too late at night for me to conjure right now.

Day 17

Or as I like to think of it, The Day of Temptation. BECAUSE, as a gesture of gratitude towards the order packers at work, 6 dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts were brought to the warehouse. As everybody dove into these soft, glazed rings of deep-fried happiness, I had to stare at my 2-doughnut share in utter melancholy before wrapping them up to take home for my housemates (who, I hasten to add, made noises of ecstasy in front of me that I did NOT appreciate while they ate them).

I would like to register how wonderful I am as a housemate, because I had to have these beside me/in my bag all goddamn day.

After work I went to my friend A’s house to watch Only Connect and Strictly Come Dancing. As I ate a cream cheese bagel, A pulled an enormous tub of Celebrations out from inside their coffee table and proceeded to eat a selection right in front of me.

Some people look at art by Raphael or Da Vinci. I appreciate the more modern stylings of Mars Confectionery Ltd.

However, I got through the day. I would say I’m proud, but… I’m not. Not really. Just… really fancying a doughnut.

Day 18

After work I journeyed to a new restaurant being opened by my company in the centre of London. I ate a tasty upper-class Japanese dinner and paid nothing for it, which of course made the food all the tastier.

Delicious prawn tempura udon from Sakagura in London.

The desserts were the quirky sort of Japanese/Western fusion that I have come to expect from my company, and annoyingly by the time they arrived, my stomach had had a chance to digest my main course. This craving continued through the rest of the night and carried on to the next morning…

Day 19

…when a maple pecan twist from Tesco would have really hit the spot. After work (Friday, woo!) I had to attend a meeting with my old dance school. The meeting wasn’t until 8:30 though, so I killed time by grabbing a bite to eat at a nearby Starbucks. Now, I’m not a coffee drinker (yet; I’m thinking I might ween myself onto it after the sugar thing is over), and have only been a tea drinker for the past 5 years or so. My hot drink of choice, therefore, has always been hot chocolate. And Starbucks happens to sell some of the tastiest hot chocolate in the country.

I’m serious. Starbucks’ signature hot chocolate. With a swirl of whipped cream and ten minutes to sit down and enjoy the difference in temperature and texture between the hot liquid chocolate infused milk and the cool, very slightened whipped cream before the rest of it melts into the liquid… I could write poetry about this drink. And there I was, in Starbucks, at the end of another week with a luxurious couple of hours to kill… and hot chocolate was off the table. It was torture, and the only thing that made me able to leave there with a smile on my face was superior quality of the book I was reading.

Day 20

After spending a fair amount of the morning lounging around playing Candy Crush (I can’t even escape sugar while gaming, it seems), I took care of a bunch of chores, including grocery shopping. In an effort to both save money and make quitting sugar something other than completely miserable, I’ve been looking up different recipes. I decided to make jambalaya, savoury muffins with sweet potato, and a spinach egg casserole. I ended up also stocking up on potatoes and onions, and, as a treat, got myself a tube of Texas BBQ Pringles.

That evening the housemates and I saw Fantastic Beasts (which I absolutely LOVED, and if I have the time and inclination I might write a post explaining exactly why). It was the first time I’d gone to the cinema in a long time, and great though the Pringles were, I felt the experience wasn’t quite the same without the Ben and Jerry’s milkshake that tends to accompany me to the movies more often than not these days. I also was not able to get a chocolate thickshake with the Macca’s we got afterwards. Blaaaaahhh…

Day 21

I aimed to wake up at around 9:30, so naturally I woke up at 11:00 instead. So I didn’t have time to eat brekkie before leaving to go to my friends O and T’s house, which is on the other flipping side of London. So I went to a Paul (chain of French bakeries in the UK) and got a Croque Florentine; a sandwich packed with cheese and basil and a walnut or two. It was tasty, but I detected a strong hint of sweetness. I looked it up, and it turns out that there is honey in it. Not a huge amount, thankfully, but I will be steering clear of those Croques for the rest of my IQS soiree.

I mention this sandwich because of something I noticed, which was that I didn’t like the sweetness. Firstly, I found it almost overpowering, which I suspect it might not have been three weeks ago. I also didn’t feel the same feelings of borderline lust I had been feeling towards any and all sweet foods before. There was even, dare I say it, a hint of disgust there. I strongly suspected that it wouldn’t last (it didn’t), but it was interesting to note all the same.

The rest of my day featured roleplaying (my character is a rat called Norbert, who is from the Land of Pestilence and is played by Rupert Grint circa. Philosopher’s Stone/Chamber of Secrets), and going to A’s house again for more Strictly watching. More Celebrations were consumed in front of me. I felt a little more indifferent about it than I had on Day 17. Progress?

Physical Representation of Norbert, bought at the Cutty Sark gift shop in Greenwich.

Day 22

Not progress.

Because I left late the day before, I did not sleep enough, and spent the entire morning of Day 22 falling asleep at my computer. I managed to shake the sleep waves off at lunchtime, but vowed to go to bed at a decent hour that evening while assuming that I would probably end up doing no such thing, as I am a creature of habit when all is said and done.

Remember the groceries I bought on Day 20? After I got home on Day 22, I proceeded to spend a solid four hours cooking all of them up.

Mmm… iron…
I made this last week as well. This one is a double batch, and the rice is cooked properly. Win.
These muffins have big chunks of soft sweet potato through them. Mmm-mmm. Good and filling.

Once I finished cooking, I brushed, flossed, refilled my water bottle and settled into bed straight away. As I settled into bed, I checked my emails and opened the latest Buzzfeed Food email. I flipped through a list of low-carb dinners (there were some pretty good ideas), then scrolled down to this article about Thanksgiving pies. I probably shouldn’t have done it, but I think all humans enjoy a little self-inflicted torture every once in a while, and this was mine.

Look through it, if you dare.

Day 23

Today! Erm… not too bad. If for no other reason, I had plenty of food to eat today. I still spent more than one moment thinking about that damn pie list.

I think I should write a list of things that I would like to cook after I’m done with this thing, and see how many of them I will still want to cook when I actually get there.

OK, now it’s 20 past midnight and I need to go to bed. G’night!

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