I Have Moved Blog Spaces!

I Have Moved Blog Spaces!

Hello there, Fatshion Hustlers!

So, I have some exciting news. I have recently set myself up on the internet in a (*gasp*) PROFESSIONAL capacity.

Maybe this is what being an adult feels like?

As some of you may know, I switched visas about seven months ago, and the restrictions on my new visa state that I am not allowed to work for another company. Any work that I do must be done through a company that I own.

And so, I have (sort of) set up that company. Allow me to introduce you all to Gillian Brown – Freelance Writer.

It is all still very very very new. The website here doesn’t even have a logo or top banner yet. But if you head over to the attached blog, you will find lots and lots of new posts to read.

I am currently working towards posting every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. This might change, depending on how busy I become in the next couple of months. But for now there is plenty there to look at, and at least some of it will hopefully be interesting and/or entertaining.

Until then, all my love, Fatshion Hustlers. ❤