My Cats: An Introduction

My Cats: An Introduction

The world has been a seemingly inescapable cesspool of doom and gloom this past… when was the inauguration?… couple of weeks?¬†And I don’t know about the rest of you, but this state of the world has been reflected in my mood with an eerily acute level of accuracy.

So I thought I’d lighten the mood with a post about the internet’s favourite topic for upset and anxious people the world over; cats. More specifically, my own.

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I have a domain now! And also, a video!

Greetings, Fatshion Hustlings readers!

It’s been a seriously long while, and I do apologise for that. However I can hopefully assure you all that there will be more blogging (and certainly more STRUCTURED blogging) soon, because a) I now have a beautiful domain name! And this blog can henceforth be accessed at, and b) Within the next few weeks, I will be starting my Marketing dissertation, which is to be on marketing in the plus-size fashion industry. Since this will hopefully ultimately be a size-ist, femininst, and other assorted -ist-y blog, what I discover in my research should be of interest.

Alternatively this blog might go viral if I start angrily reviewing the next 50-Shades-esque book to hit the market, in which case it will become more about that. But either way, more blogging will happen. Soon. And I might even change the design of this thing *looks around. is unimpressed*

Anyway, to the more exciting part! I was in a short video as part of body image awareness week last week at my university. The Women’s Officer was on the prowl for people who have experience with eating disorders, and since the camera absolutely loves me I immediately put my hand up. Even if camera-whoring hadn’t been an option, I would probably have been keen to do this, because I represent a type of eating-disorder-sufferer that is not often seen, I think. There were some other very interesting participants, I have to say. It’s well worth watching, but since eating disorders are talked about, I officially issue a trigger warning.